JBConnect - a tightly integrated analysis framework for JBrowse

JBrowse does not require JBConnect to operate.

JBConnect is a sails.js application and provides a job execution engine (kue).

JBConnect can be extended with jbh-hook modules that extend both server and client-ends in a single package. (see: Installing JBServer jbh-hooks and JBServer jbh-hooks)

JBServer provides the following features:

Job queue execution engine (kue)
Tight Integration with JBrowse client
RESTful APIs (Blueprints)
Database ORM, Any Database, MySql, PostgreSQL Mongo, Redis, local (Waterline)
Express-based Compatible routes & Middleware
Socket.io - sub/pub, WebSockets, Auto Integrate Models
Passport.js - role-based security, access control, OAuth
Extensible plugin framework based on Sails.js Installable Hooks
Grunt Customizable asset workflow, LESS, SASS, Stylus